09 Dec What does the future of retail really mean?

The future of retail is here, is in doubt, is saved, is … well, it’s almost impossible to say. Mainly because almost every day there’s numerous pronouncements of its demise, resurrection, continued decline, continued growth and more. And, to add further confusion each week seems to...

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Schuh Bluewater 2015 (82)

06 Oct Is this the end for the cash desk?

Retail interiors have changed a lot over the years, but there’s one thing that has always remained, the beloved cash desk. But are the till’s days numbered? Tills vs Technology As technology and retail become more intertwined changes in what consumer expect from retailers have lead to...

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18 Aug In retail? Plan for disruption

Supposedly there are a lot of ‘rules’ surrounding retail interior design. But aren’t rules meant to be broken? A place for everything, and everything in its place These ‘rules’ really aren’t anything more than best practice and educated guesses. But in fairness, much of what they suggest...

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