Successful Project for Footpatrol

Successful Project for Footpatrol Paris

11 Dec Successful Project for Footpatrol

Footpatrol (a JD brand) has opened a second store, this time in France! It is perhaps the coolest project we’ve been involved in to date.  The new space is in the exclusive and historic Le Marais district in Paris – just a short walk from the Seine and the famous Notre Dame cathedral – meaning the sneaker geek’s retailer of choice is now also available to our friends across the channel.


WSG were chosen to supply the internal fixtures. We ran with the project, delivered the goods to their final location in Paris in time for opening, and the rest is history!


Overview of Footpatrol Paris


For us, the thing which really stands out from this project is the bespoke GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) perimiter system. GRP was an extremely exciting product to work with – it’s normally used for structural purposes and so to put it inside a retail space was quite a bold step.  To make use of the old building’s natural features and to reflect the urban feel of the store, the walls inside were left as exposed brick. Fastening the GRP shelving system into the wall proved a challenge but the overall effect was great – a credit to Counterfeit Studio and their fantastic design team.


Close-up of the GRP used


We achieved the soft glow illuminating all the footwear by placing a solid lighting sheet underneath each shelf.  We then machined the GRP in-house to ensure that the cabling system could be put through and the system worked perfectly.


Their Property and Retail Manager thanked the team and said “The opening marked a key landmark in Footpatrol’s history and was a long time in the planning. The outcome is beyond our expectations.”


We’re pleased that the store has been such a success!  For more stunning images of the space take a look at our case study.

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