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Bovis Homes – Wombourne, Wolverhampton

How we Made it together

Bovis Homes Came to WSG to help them due to our longstanding relationship and experience in designing and manufacturing innovative, functional and engaging spaces.

When we spoke to them about the brief, their line of thinking was clearly on the same page as ours: The most exciting part of a homebuyer’s visit to a Bovis site is checking out a showhome. 

It doesn’t matter if it’s a young couple, a medium-sized family, or a more mature buyer looking to move into their final home to live out the rest of their life.  But the excitement of that move can sometimes mean that a buyer doesn’t absorb other important bits of information they need to know about purchasing their new home.

So, our aim was to create a Marketing Sales space where that customer encouraged to linger longer and learn. Learn vital info about their move, and the important USPs of a Bovis. We also needed to reinforce the fact that Bovis are a company to trust. 

There was a wider experience to be had here for the customer; combining an engaging and immersive sales experience with the show home being the icing on the cake.




Bovis Homes

How we Made it sing

Firstly, we looked for a brand space concept that’d look fresh, airy and spacious, taking design cues from a retail space. A nice area with clean lines that give you the same kind of feel that you get when you walk into a blank canvas new-build home.

With subtle nudges to brand colours, it had to be kept comfortably in-line with the brand, without being too obvious about it.

We created a journey in the space, which was more than just reeling off the details to the viewer. No information overload here – interaction was the key driver. With touch-screens and table-screens that encouraged the viewer to take actions, they became a captive audience. 

Learning what Bovis Homes do, together with their key messages were easily absorbed thanks to this experiential zone that we’d manufactured for them. 

But we also had to keep it real and ensure our furniture design complimented and enhance the customer’s digital journey. Soft lighting framed interactive modules that were sat inside nicely designed wood panel units. And to ensure the brand space had a homely feel, we created areas which had nods to rooms in the home when it came to the customer having a hands on experience of various materials and finishes they could choose when they bought a Bovis home. Kitchen worktops and cupboard doors, for example.




Bovis Homes

How we Made it relevant

The challenge for our design team was getting the balance of this journey right. Creating a space that educated and encouraged people to learn in a branded and informative space.

Our team ensured that the branding, the tech, the sales area all connected up nicely, and it was designed and built with flexibility in mind.

By adopting the flexibility aspect, it means that we’ve ensured that when it comes to installing the journey at other Bovis sites, we’ve got the right foundations in place to create the same space in other locations.  

And the final results prove that our guys hit the spot once again, and Bovis loved the finished space. It was created in our factory in Leeds, and transported and installed on-site, on time and in-full, ready to welcome a host of house buyers, eager to be wowed by what Bovis Homes create.

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Bovis Homes

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