Kampus – Manchester

How we Made it together

When clients call you back for another job, you know you’ve done something right. And when Greenmount were commissioned for the next stage of the Kampus Gym in Manchester, they were straight in touch with us…

An environment of modern living, close to everything in Manchester City Centre, with a gym, studio and Yoga terrace for residents; this was an exciting but challenging project. 

There’d already been a successful initial fit-out for Kampus, and this time around we were called in for phase two.  Greenmount liked our relationship, and we knew how high their expectations were. And working in tandem with them had already proved to be a great fit.

Our design and project management teams were once again on the ball with this installation. And ensuring we kept our client up to date with the job through every stage of the project meant that they were confident we were in control.

Up against a tight deadline, this is where collaborative working had to be faultless.





Kampus Manchester

How we Made it simple

For this project, we designed and manufactured benches, lockers and vanity units.  There was plenty for us to build and install, which looked great in the workshop when we tested it.  And we knew it would look great once on site.  It was getting it on site that gave us a hurdle or two.

With a building of this type, this installation was up on the 3rd floor. And the transport of heavy products and flatpack items up to floor three meant there was a potential logistical issue on our hands. However with site visits, assessments and consultations, we formed a plan to overcome this issue before it ever arose. 

That pre-planning was a key factor in the installation being delivered on time, to our usual very high standards.




Kampus Manchester

How we Made it sing

For this installation, we used U999 PM, and an amazing material called Richlite. This luxury recycled paper-based material gave us a leathery feel and honed look to the interior, and it worked very nicely.

We took a look at the final installation along with the client at the handover, and we loved what we’d created.  It was a worthy interior for a cool, modern and trendy area of one of the UK’s favourite cities, and fit perfectly with its environment and further urban surroundings.

The client was really pleased with the final result too.  The products and the finishes were all up to the highest quality, and it was another project that the whole of Team WSG felt proud of.

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Kampus Manchester

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