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Jewson Go – Saint-Gobain – Charlton, London

How we Made it relevent

When we took on this Jewson project for Saint-Gobain, it was something that was a bit away from the norm. A new, but nice challenge, and a venture into the world of grab-n-go commerce.

Jewson is a household name, a builders’ merchant which supplies building materials, equipment, tools and timber. They’d commissioned a report to find out how they could make a store work better, taking into account customer research and buyer feedback.

And their Charlton branch in London needed to be different. It was busy early in the morning, with staff serving tradesmen who’d come in for their materials for the day. But when the tradesmen started work, the store quietened down. It was basically a collection point, and Jewson wanted this to change.

Jewson Go

How we Made it together

With 7-9 members of staff on shift throughout the day, they wanted them to be more than just stock controllers, fetchers and cash handlers.  They wanted them to serve and engage – creating a new profile of employee. So, with that, the store format needed to change too, but retaining the whole Jewson’s look and feel.

WSG were brought in to handle creating the concept. We had to design and manufacture something that would make anyone who visited the store intrigued, and more involved in being there. Create a flow that meant the visitor was more like a customer than a collector, and let engagement pods do some of the talking, whilst currently under-utilised staff could interact with them and converse.

Busting the long-counter culture was at the top of the agenda here. And wowing a customer with cleverer products, greener products, more technologically advanced products was required too.

So, our plans were drawn up together with the client, and we took the counter into the centre of the store. OSB Board frontage gave it a Jewson feel, with black steel tube frames, and a considered, integrated cable management system. The entire design was created with modularity in mind to ensure maximum scalability.

Jewson Go

How we Made it sing

Signage was on point; clear and stark so different zones were clearly marked and it was no longer only a quick pick up point. It was a brand space that encouraged the customer to browse, learn, and have their interest pricked – whilst being guided through the range of products Jewson had to offer. 

It became an experience for customers and a better way for Jewson staff to engage.

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Jewson Go

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