Brand Space

Samsung Support Centre

How we Made it Relevant

In the ever-growing age of tapping and swiping, the sleek and smooth feel is what everyone wants at their fingertips.

And the Samsung Support Centre in Kingston upon Thames, who specialise in providing the latest smart tech, had a refurb from WSG that reflected exactly that.

When their brief landed on our desk, we liked the sound of what Samsung wanted to achieve. If you imagine their latest smartphones, notebooks and tablets – gone are the days bulky features, heavy clutter and clunky bits that just annoy! It’s all about clean lines, crisp detail, and bright attractive space.

So guess where we needed to go with the Support Centre?

This was a project where we drew on our knowledge of materials, finished and modern manufacture, together with expert design detail to create the perfect interior to complement the Samsung product range.

How we Made it sing

Our designers, joiners and technical team worked in tandem to ensure we created bespoke display fixtures that gave a clean and spacious feel to the entire space, but that provided function too. Samsung is known for its high-end modern tech, so the interiors needed to have a high-end modern feel.

Features such as the distinctive illuminated lightboxes and the internal signage added impactful branding and production communication.

How we Made it together

We invited the Samsung team into our Leeds facility where we dry-built the furniture so they could experience how we’d taken their brief and created the perfect brand space for them. Experiencing the ‘store’ first hand, and meeting the team members who designed, built, crafted, and manufactured it enabled them view and approve before it was actually installed on the High Street.

A stunning project which we’re all very proud to have played a key part in, making both space and brand sing in unison.

How to Make it Relevant

It doesn’t just have to look stunning and be on brand, it’s also has to be practical and affordable. So how do we make sure it meets both requirements? Well, this is where pre-contract team come in. Liaising with both client and production help value engineering where possible, without compromising on quality, aesthetic or functionality. A skill our designers have in spades.

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