Hospitality: The Look, AND The Feel…

The warm, generous, and friendly treatment of visitors and guests sums up what hospitality is all about. And when WSG is appointed to take on a Hospitality interior project, it’s not just your brief or your client’s brief that we look to fulfill.  

We take things a step further. We listen to what you want to achieve, but then we enter the mind of the person occupying space.  And how can we evoke emotion in that environment and make that specification sing. As much as we design and manufacture a space for you, we’re also doing it for them. 

So once we’ve got the brief from you, we consider what the end-user’s brief would be. And what small details can create a subtle but pleasant surprise. The feel of the upholstery on their chair perhaps, or the quality of the finish of their table. Not forgetting the detail in the decor that’s catching their eye. 

Where do soft lines relax them? Where do imposing features excite them? What makes them remember where they’ve been, go back to where they’ve been, and talk to people about where they’ve been? 

After being well-versed in creating high-end hospitality interiors over the last 35 years, we’ve grown to realise that this is a very important part of the process.

WSG Hospitality Blog April 2021 - The Look And The Feel


Our team will always come up with inspired hospitality interior design. There’s no tearing them away from achieving that. But the design-thinking and the manufacturing capabilities behind that work is what sets us apart from regular hospitality designers.  We’re the specialists in this field, and our proven track record with Owlerton Stadium, Starbucks, and a number of hotel chains is a testament to that.

Across the wider hospitality market, we’ve covered well-known fast-food restaurants, sports venues, cruise ships…and it’s always been a fast-growing industry. Our clients in the hospitality sector trust the WSG ethos and our processes.  By doing everything in-house from the design to the project management, to the manufacturing, the testing, and dry-build – there’s an extra element of quality assurance. Underpinning the form with desirable function.

But the end-user focus is often overlooked. And it shouldn’t be. After all, that’s what hospitality is, right? By going to that extra level in the hospitality interiors sector and exploring the end-users mindset – we make sure that stone isn’t left unturned.

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