What is Brand Space?

What is Brand Space? Now, there’s a question. And it’s one that comes with an impressive answer.

Modern-day buying habits mean that inspiration, interaction and engagement are the most valuable ways of converting a prospect into a customer. And in a time where everybody swipes and taps on the latest technology, a brand space is an important environment for any company.

Brand Spaces are areas of experience. A dedicated place, where customers can be submerged in a brand, and encounter them first hand. And where we’re subliminally addicted to touching screens, and finding our own information out – bringing the interactive into the brand makes perfect sense. 

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Presenting and staging your offering in an experiential way means that your customer connects with you in an emotional way. They begin to get a feel for the brand. And in your brand space, your options can really send them away with a memory of who you are.

It’s important to stay at the forefront of an ever-evolving technological age. Touchscreens for the customer to navigate themselves around well-created information appeals more than an info-packed brochure.  A virtual reality experience will place them wholly and completely into what you offer, letting them live it. Using Augmented Reality for you to pop up on a tablet or their phone is another special way to wow anyone who enters your space.

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Learn, live and love.

But we don’t just want to create and install the technology. How and where it’s housed in a nice environment needs to be considered too. So, creating a space where all this fuses together perfectly with an attractive aesthetic is essential. Soft lines help the visitor relax, striking lights immerse them. Clean, white areas create the feeling of space, and regular but subtle nods to your brand etch you into their memory. 

Stepping into that space is their very first impression, and ensuring they like where they are within the first few seconds is important. An effective, immersive experience will ensure they leave with a smile on their face – and that’ll mean they remember you.

So. The answer to the question? Brand Space is a place where customers can learn, live and love your brand.

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